Beckham is following me…

Well, David & Victoria Beckham are moving to California. Apparently, they missed me. I left Madrid in 2006 and they couldn’t take it and had to find some way to be near me again.

It will be interesting to see how the Beckhams fit into California life or LA life specifically. They are supposedly pals with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes — that should be enough to get them into the social circles or the Scientology circles anyway.

I know David Beckham claims to want to come to the US to “improve the soccer” here. That is what he said on Good Morning America. However, I think Victoria Beckham was encouraging this move as I believe she “wannabe” like me. The similarities are scary. I have three kids; she has three kids, she was a Spice Girl; I like spicy food. She doesn’t get along with model Naomi Campbell; Naomi Campbell doesn’t talk to me. I lived in Madrid and someone thought my husband looked like Raùl from Real Madrid; she lived in Madrid and her husband played with him. Scary, huh? Don’t words like “stalking” come to your mind?