Elephant Seals

My new header picture is from our trip down to southern California. This was taken along Highway 1 between Big Sur and San Luis Obispo at Piedras Blancas. When we first saw the seals we actually thought they were white rocks — which is the meaning of  “Piedras Blancas.”  

As we drove closer we realized that the beach was covered with elephant seals. It was an amazing sight and my children were speechless–well, as close as they’ll ever get to speechlessness.  One of the seals had climbed far up on shore and was only a foot away from us–flinging sand all over himself–you know like most people do at the beach.

I thought it made a great header because it makes me smile. I also chose the picture because it reminds me of my source of creativity –the One who created creativity.

rest stop reform

This past weekend our family drove down to my sister’s house in the Los Angeles area. We had a nice time with my sister’s family and the drive wasn’t even too bad. On our trip back we had to stop at a rest area so my husband could take over driving. This had to be one of the yuckiest rest areas I have had the privelege to visit. I have been in rest stops across the US, but this one was not restful. Unless you call jumping over puddles as you head to the toilet restful.

As I was getting back into the car I realized that I wasn’t entering the car rested. Do we ever rest in rest areas? Normally we take care of business, stretch, buy a caffeinated bubbly beverage and/or sugary confection and get back into the car. Sometimes we throw the ball around with the kids. Not much rest happens–but,hopefully, the bathrooms are clean.

I, personally, think we need more rest at the rest areas. Forget those little vending machines –what about handing out graham crackers and milk and little mats for a quick nap like they did when we were in kindergarten?  How about some warm cocoa or cold iced tea after a chair massage?  Of course I’m talking about all of this for the adults. The kids need activity –they need to run through an obstacle course while the adults relax.

 I don’t know about you, but I think I am going to vote for the first presidential candidate that proposes a plan for nationwide rest area reform with graham crackers and milk and little mats. When you look at the candidates–the Democrats all sound alike and the Republicans all sound the same, but if one of them would just take a stand on an important issue like rest stop reform it would make them stand out from the pack.

Return Line in Spain

I hated returning anything in Spain. Customer service is nonexistent when you want to spend money–hopeless if you are returning something. The customer is never right; the customer is barely important. You can find quality, but sometimes it might take a few tries. I still miss Spain and love the Spanish people, but I don’t miss shopping in Spain–I miss the fresh bread, coffee and chocolate–but not the shopping experience.

If you want to match a color, make sure you have enough paint.

We were so relieved in our first few months in Spain when More