Anonymousics Anonymous

I’ve decided to start a support group for those who insist on leaving anonymous comments. Since I haven’t received any anonymous comments I feel I can be objective and help these people. I’m talking about those who leave little comments like “you stink and shouldn’t live”not the “you writing good. check out viagra. viagra. viagra. ” The latter have other issues to deal with — I think they need to see the good Dr.

However, I think I can help those who like to leave little comments in the anonymous. Before we get into the therapy let’s get this thing clear: this is an addiction. Get help before you leave yet another inflammatory comment.  

I think the first step would be to admit that you have a problem. Okay, now that was easy.

Next, from the movies I’ve seen, I think you have to replace your addiction with another addiction like smoking. So you might need to start smoking.

After the smoking is consistent you need to find a blogging name. You can use your own name, but that might be too big of a step for you. I think the easier step is to work on a pseudo-blogging name or moniker. You can approach this in several ways:

  • Do you have a hobby that would make a good nickname? Maybe you are an avid coin collector, then you could be “nickelmac” , “silverjoe” or “coinken”.
  • Were you a fast runner in junior high? Then maybe “dash”, “zip”, or “lightening” would be a good name.
  • You could also use initials — for example, if you name is Hilary Olivia Thornberger it would be “HOT” or Jeremy Ike Pulser “JIP”.
  • Your grandmas pet name for you with a number after it could be a good choice –“snuggles14” or “pumpkin5” — the cute names with numbers are always a hit.

You can overcome this anonymous habit. Repeat after me:

“I’m an anonymousic. I have a name, and I will start using it.”