Why Community is Important

When I die I want someone to find my body quickly. I don’t want people to find me in front of a TV somewhat well preserved. Please check on me–please make sure I haven’t fallen into a very deep sleep watching repeats of  Laverne and Shirley.

Vincenzo Ricardo wasn’t so fortunate. I just read about a 70-year-old man who died watching TV and no one knew for a year until police happened upon him. The police had been called to investigate More

Hey, Check Out Green Options!

Green Options is a new online blog you need to check out. It is filled with interesting articles and information. Besides the fact that I’d like you to become greener, I must admit I have an alterior motive for wanting you to check it out; I have a humor article on their website and it is waiting for some votes! It would be great if you would check out all of the humor articles and submit a vote for each one –there are only 8 short articles. Okay,  I want you to give me the highest vote –but, I want it to be an honest reflection of what you think so I can learn from this experience!

So, even if you aren’t the greenest kid on the block, check it out. Be careful though, you might learn something–and you might laugh! By the way, taking care of the environment should be a joint effort among all of us — no matter our political leanings, financial status, favorite ice cream flavor or shoe size.