simple things like kickballs and spring

It just sat perched up on a branch like it was monitoring the kids below. I don’t know why but I was fascinated by it. A lady gave me a strange look as she walked by wondering what had caught my attention. It was a green bouncy kickball that some elementary student had kicked with all his might high into the air, and it was now stuck on a barren branch high above the green grassy yard. I seemed to be the only one mesmerized by the bouncy ball. The kids had moved on to bouncing and skipping about with other red and green balls.

I’m not sure why I stared at it for so long. My mind went pensamiento.JPGto two thoughts. The first was when I was a child and how I liked to sit in trees and watch the world below. I always thought the best super power would be to be invisible. It’s quite strange given my personality — I usually liked to be the center of attention–the one trying her hardest to make everyone laugh. Yet at times, I just wanted to be, be like that little green kickball watching the kids savor every last minute of their recess.

The kickball also reminded me of a short video I watched before about a little kid and a kickball. My mind went to rows and rows of bouncy orange balls — the color of choice for the little boy. I thought of the delight the boy felt picking out his orange ball with his dad, and I wondered why life had to change so much when you grow up that you can’t enjoy something as simple as a bouncy kickball anymore.

I drove back home and soaked in the sunshine trying to enjoy the early spring weather. One of the many reasons I love California (one of which is NOT the price of real estate) is how soon winter ends and spring begins. I thought of all the freezing people in cold climates shoveling snow. I guess the snow is their simple thing to enjoy while I enjoy my early spring.

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